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Croatia and Cuba secure Volleyball Cup titles

Volleyball Challenger Cup:

The Croatian women’s and Cuban men’s teams are ready to participate in the Volleyball Nations League in 2023. They also earn success in the volleyball challenger cup 2022.  Moreover, Croatians won three matches in front of home fans and earned a gold medal. They take full advantage of hosting and remain top on four sears. 

Croatian captain and star opposite Samanta Fabris won against the Belgian Britt Herbots and became the top scorer by 31 points. Fabris expresses their views that it is amazing for the viewers. We already know that we have a distinction, which is hard to win. 

We have an amazing team and all staff because everything is perfect. Moreover, we are playing matches against VNL. Now, we want to celebrate.

Puerto Rico earns a third position in the women’s Volleyball Challenge Cup. They defeat Colombia from four seats. Four players in the whole team play well in the VNL. These are Brittany Abercrombie, Marie Victoria, Dayana Segovia, and Ana Karina Gamboa. Now, they are the top scorer of the match with 20 points.

Cuba’s performance in Volleyball Challenger Cup:

Cuba also earns a Volleyball Challenger Cup title with three wins. So, they take seats in the 2023 VNL in the men’s volleyball challenge. Cuba gains great success in Seoul. Moreover, it is interesting that Cuba wins the three seats without their main three players.

These main are hitters Marlon Yant, Robertlandy Simon, and Livan Osoria, who can not participate in the team because of injury. However, Cuba plays well in the two previous events of the Volleyball Challenger Cup.

Miguel Angel Lopez, the Cubans captain, gained success with the gold medal. It is because a 25-year-old outside hitter earns 20 points in the opponent Turkey. Similarly, Opposite Jesus Herrera also earns 19 points.

Lopez expresses their views that we gain success and make able to Cuba to play in VNL. Moreover, it is a third chance that we become able to win and also gain a qualification for the VNL. Turkey makes a hard performance and maintains everything within time. Now, it is the key for us. 

Korea plays against the Czech Republic and earns a bronze medal by winning. However, their opponent also becomes the top scorer with 33 points, and Marek Sotola makes 22 points.



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