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Adam Ondra Sends New V15/16 Today

Adam Ondra is on a tear this week. Three days ago on Sunday, he climbed the second hardest sport route of his life, Zvěřinec 5.15c. Today, he sent a V15/16 (8c/c+) problem at his local area of Sloup. The hardest boulder problems in the world are graded V17.

Ondra started the day by flashing Vnitřní svět vítězů V12 at his home crag of Moravian Karst, Czechia. He then drove over to Sloup where he found a project that he worked on in the spring in good condition. This problem, named Pohár Nesmrtelnosti (or Cup of Immortality in English), can be either V12 or V14 depending on how low the climber starts. Top Czech climbers Martin Stranick and Štěpán Volf both sent the V14 version this year.

Pohár Nesmrtelnosti ends with a drop off in an nondescript area of the cave. In the spring, Ondra worked on an extension of the problem by linking its final hold to a obvious rail feature using a tricky kneebar. He believes this extension alone is V11 or V12. Today, after climbing the very pumpy V14 version into the new V11/12 exit, Ondra named the problem Pohár Nesmrtelnosti (prodloužení) or Cup of Immortality (extension) and gave it a grade of V15/16. You can watch the video of his first ascent in his Instagram clip below.

In addition to the Cup of Immortality extension, Ondra has climbed four V16’s and sixteen V15’s. The last time he sent a V16 was in 2020, where he sent two problems of the grade in two days in Sloup and Moravian Karst. His last V15 was in April 2022, again at his home crag of Moravian Karst.


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