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2022 Victor Thurster TK-F SE Hendra Setiawan edition

Just wanna share some pics of the new Setiawan TK-F edition.

Wanted to get another TK-F improved edition but there is no stock anywhere in sight. :(

Had to spend an extra $50 for Setiawan Edition one. Though I’m a fan of Hendra Setiawan so It’s fine.

Though the thing that bugs me is that this racquet is exactly the same as my other TK-F with the extra signature at the…….. cap which will be covered with supergrap anyway. At least with the signature and slightly different paint job like tai tzu ying edition :(

Anyway, just wanna share some pics of the new Free-core handle (or whatever they call it). I owns all the TK-F version since the first shiny blue to matte blue, to enhanced free-core and then this version. And its really….. improved.

Still remember when Victor first introduced the technology with the TK-9900 then Auraspeed series in the prototype. I had a chance to play with some prototypes. They didnt feel as nice as traditional wooden handle. Then they never made it into productions with some crack reports. I would say now its really nice to play compare to the traditional wooden handle.

Any Hendra fans out there? Might wanna grab this before he retires for good into the sunset :D







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